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Russell from Winnipeg, Manitoba
16th November 2023

Did not disappoint....awesome as usual ..thanks guys ....always a loyal Kiss soldier in your Army❤️❤️

Best concert Ever!!!

Theresa Huggins from Seattle, Washington
7th November 2023

I’ve been to about 100 concerts in my life and I have to say Kiss in Seattle Nov. 6th is the best concert I’ve ever seen!! They had it all, great music, awesome solos, fabulous theatrics, outstanding pyrotechnics, and most importantly they imparted passion and love for their music!!! Thank you Paul for your heartfelt passion, Gene for your powerful performance, Tommy for the rockin’ guitar solos, and Eric for your impeccable timing and rhythmic soul, ! I hope you all know how much you impressed their fans in Seattle!! I can guarantee you will not be forgotten!!!

Still a great concert

Robert from Austin, Texas
30th October 2023

They do not do this type of performance rock anymore. It's rare. The whole show is planned. It is a concert production. It's a show. It's theater and it is backed by 50 years of success. The songs. The hits just keep coming and if you can give yourself to what it is and what is is intended to do, it is absolutely brilliant. Lifelong fan. This was a childhood thing for me and I go to see the last night with my teenage son! So special and grateful that I was there!

Amazing night in Kisstory

Sherry Peacock from Fort Worth, Texas
29th October 2023

I have seen them 5 times and every show has been more spectacular than the last. The EOTR Tour was the best show...they spared no expense with the confetti, streamers, balloons, and amazing Lazer and pyrotechnic show! Finally, got to hear "Beth" live. Eric Singer did it justice! Amazing vocals! Tommy Thayer is an amazing guitar player and both have found their rightful place in the Kiss Family! Love them both! As for Gen and Paul, what and amazing journey the last 50 years have been! You guys held it together and have made Kisstory as the Greatest Rock Bank in history! Thank you for years of entertainment and great! I would love to see you guys do another "Phantom of the Park" movie! I wish you all well and a happy well-deserved retirement! Farewell and know that you guys will be missed and hold a special place in our hearts! Lots of love, the Peacock Family!

Kiss concert Detroit 10/20/23

Tom from Detroit, Michigan
28th October 2023

I have seen them at least 15-20 times since '77. Show was very good. Great sound and light\video\pyrotechnics. I was expecting it to be a bit louder, BUT maybe some volume went over our heads. We were sitting main floor, center, row 13.

Great But what a SUCKEY Opener

TONY from West Palm Beach, Florida
25th September 2022

KISS was great , they have aged , but still good. The opener they had before hand sucked though , you are there to see a rock band and you have some guy doing paintings on stage. *^%$#! C'MON? Really? As always, organization was incredible , except for the A-holes that had to smoke Cigars stinking the place up. They put it out when the security came past and the smoker says "Hey man , its a F'ing Rock Concert." Hey man , then light a joint and share it , not that crap. I didn't pay $600 to smell your stinky breath. First time I had ever seen KISS , it was great, especially the first set, well worth the experience. See them if you can. Now if we can just get Bob Dylan to come on over. Rock On Brothers.